The Story Begins

Your organization wants to tell your story with the world – a new product or service, job openings, or just keeping people up-to-date on your work. You could post something to Twitter or write a blog, but will that be enough to make your intended audience engage?

How we help

white jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing
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Before we put the puzzle together, we need to see the big picture. Who are you trying to reach? What problem do they need solving?

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On set with Danny Glover & dir. Goran Olsson

Content Creation

Talk with people, find the stories and challenges behind the product. Then create what you need to tell the tale – a video, infographic, or newsletter.

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Look at your results? Did you get more comments, more clicks, more site visits? Track the things that did well and keep doing that!

“Ori and OMH Communications were amazing to work with. The creative ideas they brought us helped make our brands more connected to our customers, and the results of the campaigns were tremendous.”

Andy Reichgut, Executive Vice President & CMO, Garden Lites & Vitalicious


Every organization needs creative, innovative, energetic, and passionate people on their team, and in Ori Hoffer, you get all of that in one package. If you want to connect with an audience, engage your employees, and tell your story in unique ways, look no further.

Ori’s been in the media business for 20+ years as an Emmy-award winning journalist and TV producer, radio host, and digital strategist. In other words, he knows the stories that resonate with people and how to find them. He can create it for all your channels, whether it’s video, social media, a press release, or internal comms.

So talk with me, and let’s get the ideas flowing.

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