I worked at Park City Television for six years as an award-winning host, producer, and videographer. All my studio interviews were done live, with no teleprompter. I interviewed actors and directors during the Sundance Film Festival; governors, mayors, and other politicians; Olympic gold medalists, and musicians from every genre imaginable. Since then, I’ve used those skills to produce video content of all kinds — webinars, virtual town halls, promotions — for numerous organizations.

My demo reel has a few examples of me in front of the camera, but see my full list of favorites to get more of what I’ve produced and edited.

I love talking about the power of storytelling, and how it can make your business shine. Here’s a presentation I gave to show a bit about why it’s so critical.

“Why Storytelling Matters” presentation

Even during a pandemic, when people couldn’t get together in person, I found a way to create something while our team was fully remote.

What better way to showcase an organization’s values than by having its people talk about them.
On the set, interviewing Danny Glover during the Sundance Film Festival.
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