“Ori and OMH Communications were amazing to work with. The creative ideas they brought us helped make our brands more connected to our customers, and the results of the campaigns were tremendous. ” — Andy Reichgut, Executive Vice President & CMO, Garden Lites & Vitalicious

“Ori Hoffer is a do-it-all, professional communicator adept at both strategy and operations. He is supremely talented at all aspects of multimedia communication, production, delivery, promotion, etc. I had the pleasure to see him in action for four years at GSA and he was an amazing asset and talent. I can’t rave enough about Ori.” — David Wycinsky, Director, Program Education & Outreach Services, Department of Labor – Mine Safety and Health Administration

“Ori Hoffer is, without a doubt, the very best TV interviewer I’ve yet dealt with—and I’ve done quite a bit of TV along the way. Usually book shows lack energy and humor and end up being pretentious for no good reason. Ori was the exact opposite… an absolute pleasure to work with… and what a magnetic TV presence he has. I really, really, really enjoyed the interview.” Steven Kotler, author “A Small Furry Prayer”

“I can proudly say I that “I knew Ori when….” Ori had that rare quality for a media maker to actually care about what he was talking about. His questions and comments reflected a true connection to my mission. Sky is the limit for Ori.” — Peter H. Reynolds, author, founder of FableVision

“I love working with Park City TV during Sundance and have been really impressed with how Ori has taken the channel to the next level. He’s a true supporter of music (our business) and has a interesting array of guests for booked for his shows and make sure it works for all. It’s a great venue and platform to expose Park City and beyond to our acts and he’s been a great constant in our Sundance schedule. I highly recommend working with Ori – he has great vision, commitment and passion for his job and channel and makes the experience really fantastic.” — Hanna Pantle, Assistant VP Corporate and Media Relations, BMI

“Ori was one of the fastest and best editors on the AOL News channel staff…and that says a lot; that was a superb crew. He exudes energy and excellence. He has a good eye for detail and has a healthy competitive edge. Plus, he is a fun, positive guy when the pressure gets intense. A top performer who delivers the goods.” — John Barth, Former GM News and Politics, America Online/Currently Managing Director at PRX

“Ori was the creative engine on the AOL Sports desk when we shared a newsroom. He conceived, developed and managed a number a large projects, including the newsroom’s 24-hour Olympics and World Cup soccer coverage. Ori worked extensively with external partners to develop and launch the AOL Sports channel, making it one of the most-trafficked online sports sites. Ori is an excellent project manager and an astute editor with a keen sense of what his audience wants. He loves what he does and it’s evident in the product he puts out. ”  — Jim Eppard, Editor/Producer, U.S. Department of Justice

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