20 years of media experience, from the early years of AOL, to producing and hosting a daily TV show, to creating a modern communications platform for a federal agency. Oh yeah, I’m also an internationally competitive soccer player.

You’ll find all the details throughout this site, on my resume page, and in my blog, but those are the basics. If you’re looking for someone to bring energy to your enterprise, creativity to your corporation, personality to your non-profit, look no further.

Whether it’s looking at the big picture, or managing the day-to-day operations, I’ve been there. New media or traditional, done that. I haven’t taken the typical career path of staying in one industry and steadily adding titles, instead, I’ve gained experiences and built up skills that make me the Swiss Army knife of an organization – the tool for any job.


  • Emmy award winning journalist. Produced and hosted daily TV and radio shows
  • Experienced media relations/public affairs professional with the ability to get story placement in national and trade publications
  • Creative whiz responsible for developing unique content for news, public relations, or branded content
  • Unafraid to go out on the edge and try something new or unexpected (see: U.S. Skeleton trials, improv comedy, air guitar competition, international masters soccer tournament)


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