Content Packages

Ori stands in front of a poster of himself displaying a mobile phone There’s No Place Like HomeFront
Created campaign strategy for introduction of a new intranet at Freddie Mac. Wrote the tagline, video script, supporting articles, and they even asked me to be the spokesmodel!
fbc14-featured  GSA Federal Building Challenge
“March Madness”-style bracket game to determine the country’s favorite Green federal building. Concept and campaign execution, including setting up the voting mechanism through social media. Over 20,000 total votes cast. SEE THE RESULTS
24292349260_a37d5c195c_z Government Communication Through Winter Storm Jonas
Email newsletter best practices for local governments dealing with a weather emergency. READ MORE

Writing Samples

Media Placements

National Press

  • Remaking the U.S. Government, One Website at a Time [NPR]
  • Inside Obama’s Stealth Startup [FastCompany]
  • Bridal shop drug bust leads to “most unusual” auction [CBS News]
  • The Government Is Selling THE REAL Air Force One Online For Only $50,000 [BuzzFeed]
  • Encryption Is More Important, and Easier, Than Ever [New York Times]
  • Your browser may soon force you to connect securely to some U.S. government Web sites [Washington Post]

Trade/Industry Press



  • Federal Digital Workforce Still Struggles With Gender Parity [U.S. News & World Report]
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love documentation [Fusion]