Whether telling them as a journalist, or sharing them with reporters, I understand what makes a great story, and how different channels have different needs.

  • GSA had a DC-9 up for auction. With some digging, I discovered it had served as Air Force One. A few tweets and a couple phone calls later, the story was being featured on BuzzFeed, MSNBC, and more. Suddenly, the public had insight into one of the many things a relatively obscure agency was responsible for. 
  • ‘90s hitmakers Blessid Union of Souls were trying to make a comeback in the mid-2000’s. We followed the band on a couple of tour stops, getting to know their past, and their hopes for the future. Our documentary tracking that journey won an Emmy award for best documentary.

  • A reporter doing a piece on government innovation got a whole lot more as I helped her craft a rich, interactive experience with videos, photos and interviews with the interesting personalities of 18F.

Case Study: GSA Bridal Sale

When the U.S. Marshals seized an Alaska bridal shop that was a front for a meth dealer, they gave the contents to GSA to auction off. A great story on its own, but we went beyond, setting up a pop-up salon, and using federal employees as models.

CNN, CBS This Morning, NPR, and more all picked up the piece, again highlighting the innovative, cost-saving work done by the agency.

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