Tooting my horn

Sometimes, you do an interview and it’s just so smooth and easy that you forget that there’s a show going on.  That happened to me today with my conversation with author Steven Kotler about his book, “A Small Furry Prayer.”  The subject matter – guy leaves LA to start a Chihuahua rescue home in Chimayo, New Mexico – was something close to me as one who is the caretaker for a rescued Vizsla.

After the interview, we probably kept on talking about the book and other things for another half-hour, and could have gone on much longer if he didn’t have to get to a book signing.

That’s why it was so nice to get this note that he sent to one of my colleagues when I returned to my desk after the show:

Ori Hoffer is, without a doubt, the very best TV interviewer I’ve yet dealt with—and I’ve done quite a bit of TV along the way. Usually book shows lack energy and humor and end up being pretentious for no good reason. Ori was the exact opposite … an absolute pleasure to work with… and what a magnetic TV presence he has. I really, really, really enjoyed the interview, thanks a ton for having me on.

Thanks Steven.  That made my day.


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